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An idea...

My mother and I have recently started the South Beach Diet again...for maybe the seventh time now; although I myself am not following it as closely as she is, this time around I am mainly avoiding refined sugar (I am also not eating bread or potatoes, but I have had some corn, oh...and beer). I am doing it for different reasons as well, basically because I think that sugar was very bad for my moods. VERY BAD INDEED.
So today I was thinking about bread substitutes. How would it be to bake a loaf of bread that was leavened with eggs...almost like a cake? I would use rye flour, whipped egg whites, milk, salt, whole eggs, etc., to make a bread batter of sorts. Then I would pour the batter into a Pyrex cake dish and bake it. It would be like savory cake...someting good I would think. Light and fluffy, but chewey and bready too. I am going to try it out.
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