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I am sick of the lo-carb discussion, even if I *am* trying to eat like that. It's just so tedious! And so irritating that now the main thrust of it is how much money food companies can make off this new "trend." Damn money-making food companies giving us convenient lo-carb options!!

Anyway, I wanted to share what I ate in Boston at a lovely little Italian Restaurant in the "north end."

We shared a "carpaccio" that was actually made with bresaola (air-cured beef) sliced very thin, topped with thick shaves of reggiano and some arugula, and dressed with olive oil. It was amazingly good, and worked perfectly as an appetizer because we were all hungry for our entrees, not stuffed and logy.

then I had linguine carbonara. creamy egg goodness.

for dessert I had an eclair. A good eclair is hard to beat.
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I know what you mean...now Subway has a new "Atkins Approved" wrap or some crap...at Publix they have a whole endcap with nothing but low-carb products. It makes me want to scream, "Wheres the fat, sugar and salt, damnit!!!!???"

Even though I honestly feel that refined sugar, wheat, and potatoes are bad for you.
Dude, you can totally have fat and salt. See: pork rinds.
....kay crazy red-face....

***steps away cautiously***
should have a red face for forgetting about the SALT and FAT.
weLL! you are the one who is forgetting that actually you can't have salt and fat...at least not on the SBD. Sothere!